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Flywell Power UK Ltd is a manufacturer of portable ground power units for aviation.
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400 Hz Frequency Converters   Download as PDF
This unique range of 400 Hz Frequency Converters provides the most cost-effective and flexible way of generating 400 Hz all-weather ground power for all military and civilian aircraft. By using the most advanced electronic design, FW 400 Hz models offer a remarkably compact, quiet and robust converter, able to operate reliably even in the most arduous conditions, from the heat of the desert to the rain of the tropics and the snow of Siberia.

Very simple operation.
Ultra compact and light weight.
Integral cable rack.
Supplied in high quality cabinet made entirely of stainless steel.
The immense strength and corrosion resistance of this material ensures a long product life.
Unit mounted on four-wheels that can be easily manoeuvred with personnel or towed by a vehicle.
Digital Voltmeter indicates voltage of output power, selector switch to select each phase in turn.
Digital Ammeter indicates current of output power, selector switch to select each phase in turn.
All models have Aircraft Interlock fitted, which can manually be selected to override.
Supplied with 10 meter heavy-duty AC output cable and rubber Aircraft plug, 10 meter AC input cord and workshop manual.
Very simple operation supplied on three-wheel trailer with pneumatic tyre and tow-bar.

400 Hz Frequency Converters


Can be supplied with two outputs.

Technical Specifications *  
Technical Data 400 Hz Frequency Converter
Input Voltage 220VAC to 460VAC
Input Voltage Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Input Current Harmonics IEC1000-3-4
Input Power Factor > 0.98
Rectifier Inrush 10 second, max current < In x 1.2
Input Protection Circuit Breaker
Output Voltage 115/200V or 120/208V, 3 phase + N
Output Frequency 400Hz +/- 0.1%
Output Power 20KVA to 120KVA
Permissible Overload 120% @ 60 sec, 150% @ 15 sec, 200% @ 2 sec
Output Over / Under Voltage Cut-out 130V L-N on any phase (Over Volts), 110V L-N on any phase (Under Volts)
Thermal Overload Thermal sensors located in rectifier, inverter and output transformer
Overall Dimensions, not more than (L x H x W) 960mm x 940mm x 670mm
Operating Temperature -40C to +50C
Weight 180Kg to 390Kg
Weather Resistance IP54
Technical specifications are subject to change, due to new developments. We also do custom development of products as per your requirements. The actual equipment may look different from the one shown in the photograph.
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